The ABCs of Death 2.5 – Review (*** 1/2)

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In case you got tired of waiting for The ABCs of Death 3, a stop-gap anthology has been released of the 26 best shorts submitted for the previous film’s open competition for the letter “M”. While it has an undeniable whiff of sloppy seconds, the majority of these shorts are at least cursorily entertaining while many consistently enthrall, amuse and horrify on their own merits. By any measure, it’s a good deal better than 2012’s original movie.

In lieu of a traditional review, here’s some quick ratings for each short:

1. Magnetic Tape – Boasts a fun 80s style and plenty of gnarly gore. 6/10

2. Maieusiophobia – Stop motion,wordless short about the fear of giving birth, and no less intense as a result. Disturbing as fuck. 7/10

3. Mailbox – Excellent gore effects and superb cinematography compared to many others in this anthology. Classy and touting a clever twist ending, making it the best of show. 8/10

4. Make Believe – What the fuck!? Kids and dead bodies are always an interesting mix. 6/10

5. Malnutrition – It’s always good when the first shot of any horror movie is a dismembered corpse. Gory and nicely put together, but ultimately not much more than a regular zombie short. 5/10

6. Manure – Inventive means of zombie reanimation, you’ve gotta give them that. Shit for brains, indeed. 6/10

7. Marauder – This one’s a black and white, 4:3 wordless short, and basically Mad Max: Fury Road on tricycles. It’s got a clever execution and amusing twist ending to boot. 7/10

8. Mariachi – Amusingly absurd to a point, if a lot of effort for basically a punchline. 5/10

9. Marriage – Beautifully shot, well acted, and surprisingly subtle for body horror. Engrossing. 7/10

10. Martyr – A simple concept but darkly hilarious and sharply edited. 7/10

11. Matador – Demented and funny enough it probably should’ve made the original ABCs 2 cut. 7/10

12. Meat – Exceptionally creepy animated short about meat eating. Beautifully surreal. 8/10

13. Mermaid – Hilarious short about two guys wrestling over a mermaid with an amusing twist, and nudity! 7/10

14. Merry Christmas – Krampus has an existential crisis. This one’s soaked in dour British wit even if it kinda just…ends. 6/10

15. Mess – A guy who shits through his navel. Yup. It’s fucking grotesque, and lives up to the name in more way than one. 7/10

16. Messiah – A fairly predictable short with an amusing ending. 6/10

17. Mind Meld – Fucking brutal and exceptionally twisted, especially once the twist is revealed. 7/10

18. Miracle – Twisted as fuck with a grim ending. 6/10

19. Mobile – Starts off fairly unimaginative but builds up to an unexpectedly hilarious ending. 6/10

20. Mom – Cute and sweet in its own fucked up way, and then sad and grim. 7/10

21. Moonstruck – Low-budget, unconventional animation, and extremely clever for what it is. Probably weird enough it should’ve made it into ABCs 2 in earnest. 7/10

22. Mormon Missionaries – Brutal, and a hilariously dark twist ending. Jesus Christ. 7/10

23. Mother – Arachnaphobes beware, this one is terrifying, and boasts awesome effects. Short but sweet. 7/10

24. Muff – A lot of build up for an admittedly hilarious ending. 6/10

25. Munging – Didn’t really go anywhere that interesting and you’ll probably want to Google what the title means after. Probably the weakest short but appropriately disgusting all the same. 5/10

26. Mutant – Gnarly effects and clever, silky smooth editing even if it does go on a bit. 6/10

It fleets between quality and not, but gore-hound should find it more than worth a sit as a package. Now, just hope a legit third ABCs film hurries up.


The ABCs of Death 2.5 is available on VOD now


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