Interrogation – Review (* 1/2)

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Duly living down to the expectations of a WWE Studios film starring actual WWE superstars, co-written by a guy who also wrote Hitman: Agent 47 and directed by the man behind recent WWE classics such as Vendetta and 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown, Interrogation is a laughably self-serious thriller pumped out for the quickest, dirtiest of bucks.

When a bomb threat is called into Las Vegas, it’s up to negotiator Lucas Nolan (Adam “Edge” Copeland) to interrogate the suspect, Vasti (Patrick Sabongui), and get to the bottom of it. However, Nolan realises the rabbit hole goes much deeper than his extensive psychology training has prepared him for.

Any wrestling fan won’t hesitate to tell you how inherently likable and charismatic Edge is; he’s proven himself a snug fit in the WWE’s own 2012 movie Bending the Rules (mediocre though it was overall) and the hit TV show Haven, so what a shame it is that his considerable charms are thoroughly wasted here.

Interrogation regurgitates tropes from any number of crime thriller procedural TV shows like its life depends on it – because it basically does – all while Stephen Reynolds’ unfussed direction, full of unnecessary zooms and clumsy action, feels like an especially naff 24 episode.

Even more baffling than all this is the hilarious psychological element, with unintentionally hysterical, low-fi surreal cutaways every time Nolan tries to mentally outfox his adversary, a flashy montage of cheap, near-random images to try and give the movie a gimmick that distinguishes it from its bargain bin brethren.

Then there’s the fact that the WWE’s own C.J. “Lana” Perry co-stars as Nolan’s techie colleague, though she basically functions as eye candy and little more, even though she’s shown totting a gun on the movie’s Blu-ray cover, which would probably warrant some kind of trading standards grievance if anyone could actually muster up the effort and spend the time filing a formal complaint.

It’s typical WWE low-effort thriller fodder, and comes complete with an outrageously loony final plot twist that just seals the cap on what an ill-advised venture this really was.

* 1/2

Interrogation is available on home video on September 20th


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