Peelers – Review (***)

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Reinforcing the alluring combination of boobs ‘n blood, Peelers isn’t a particularly fresh or imaginative entry into the horror genre, but it serves up just enough ribald insanity to satisfy, driven by some surprisingly impressive gore effects.

Blue Jean (Wren Walker) runs a down-and-out strip club that’s on the verge of going bust (pardon the pun), but things change forever when a gang of plague-infested miners enter her bar one night, spreading a disease the turns the patrons into blood-thirsty maniacs. Can Blue Jean and her sexy employees survive the night?

Yes, the premise sounds more than similar to 2008’s Zombie Strippers, but thanks to sturdy direction from Sevé Schelenz and better-than-expected production values, Peelers distinguishes itself just fine.

This is not a great movie, nor is it scarcely even a good one; the dialogue is frequently horrendous and the mostly amateur performances are often cringe-worthy, but it does have a certain rough-hewn charm that helps carry it through, and of course, it doesn’t take itself remotely seriously.

If you ever wanted to see a pregnant woman’s water break on a zombie’s face, this just might be the ticket you’re craving. With a keen focus on gooey splatter and the curvaceous female form, it aims low and mostly hits those targets, while rarely stopping long enough to make the viewer question its familiar plotting and mostly stock characters.

The pic is admittedly hampered by some distractingly poor editing, though it’s easy to be forgiving considering that Schelenz edited the movie himself in addition to directing, producing and coming up with the story. Given the evident budgetary constraints, it’s an impressively well-woven effort for the most part.

With more than enough blood and boobs to satisfy gorehounds and horny teens alike, Peelers is a snappily-paced outing that, while no classic of the genre, serves up consistent shocks and laughs, especially in its outrageous final scene.



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